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Who We Are

The North Birmingham Colon Care Group has been formed by senior and respected colorectal surgeons, based at Heart of England Foundation Trust.

We are a group of medically qualified specialists who work closely together at Heart of England Foundation Trust.

Our Approach

Medicine is becoming increasingly complex and consequently sub specialisation has increased dramatically. This has resulted in a rapid increase in multi-disciplinary working where diagnosis and treatment can be optimised and tailored to the patients’ needs.

Over the past 15 years, at Good Hope Hospital (now part of University Hospitals, Birmingham), we have built a team which offers specialist, cutting edge treatment for the vast majority of large bowel disorders.

Frequently, to solve complex bowel problems, multi-disciplinary working is required, with input from a number of specialists. Often, surgery is not the answer; physiologists and bowel care nurses can play a major role in relieving symptoms.

Within the NHS we hold regular multi-disciplinary meetings to discuss patients with cancer. We are referred cases of early rectal cancer from across the West Midlands to assess their suitability for endoscopic removal (Transanal Endoscopic Microsurgery), perhaps avoiding the need for a stoma. We also hold multi-disciplinary meetings to discuss patients with functional bowel problems such as incontinence or constipation as well as inflammatory bowel disease.

Having established a team, which meets regularly to discuss patients with complex problems within the NHS, we are keen to offer our expertise to those who seek treatment within the private medical setting. Currently this multi-disciplinary service is not widely available in the private sector.

Geographical Location

NBCC consists of a group of specialists who work at a number of hospitals and is not based on one site. Consultations and diagnostic tests can be arranged to suit the client.

Geographically, we are located in North Birmingham and make use of Spire Hospital, Little Aston’s imaging services which offers conventional contrast radiology such as barium examinations and abdominal ultrasound scanning as well as MRI scanning. It has also installed a state of the art 64 slice CT scanner.

For those with pelvic floor problems North Bimingham Colon Care can access specialised diagnostics such as ano-rectal physiological testing and endo anal/rectal 3-D imaging at our ano-rectal physiological laboratory at Good Hope Hospital. Alternatively, if appropriate MRI proctography is performed at Birmingham Heartlands Hospital.

We cover the West Midlands, North Birmingham, South Staffordshire including Sutton Coldfield, Lichfield and Tamworth.

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